My name is Brandon – The DeFi Guide. Welcome to my channel!

I am an investor and educator in cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi). I don’t provide any sort of advice here. Your investment decisions are yours and yours alone. I am here to educate and help flatten the learning curve so you can make the most well informed and well educated investment decisions possible. Think of me as your personal tour guide, showing you the best DeFi has to offer!

My mission in life is to bring all of humanity out of the rigged, debt-based fiat currency system and into cryptocurrency. To accomplish this mission I showcase several solid DeFi products and the associated opportunities for passive income and financial freedom that they bring. I teach people not only how these DeFi products work, but WHY they work.

I stream live on this channel on Mondays at 6 PM ET and Wednesdays 3 PM ET. I do two crypto giveaways every stream so be sure to tune in and say hello!